Adelaide Oval’s ‘Bodyline Room’ Transformed A Collaborative Creation

11 AUG

Adelaide Oval’s ‘Bodyline Room’ Transformed A Collaborative Creation

Adelaide Oval, renowned for its rich cricket history and captivating events, has raised the bar with the stunning creation of its “Bodyline Room.” This fit-out, brought to life by the skillful hands of Superior Timber Coatings’ very own Mick Kilsby is the result of great craftsmanship by the team at Image Shopfitters and Construction.

Coat With Confidence at Superior Timber Coatings: Mick Kilsby’s Signature Touch

Mick Kilsby, the facilitator behind the paintwork of the “Bodyline Room” fit-out, has left his mark on Adelaide Oval. With an exceptional eye for detail and a commitment to perfection, Kilsby has taken the fit-out to new heights. The gold components of the fit out were carefully coated with Superior Timber Coatings’ Cromax 610 automotive base coat and clear coated with Ilva’s 100% gloss adding a touch of opulence and luxury to the room.

The combination of Cromax 610 and Ilva’s clear gloss gives exceptional durability and a radiant finish to ensure that the gold elements not only catch the eye but also withstand the test of time. Mick’s skilled application of this premium paint has added to the opulence of the room.

Image Shopfitting and Construction : Bringing Dreams to Life

The realization of the “Bodyline Room” fit-out owes its presence to the expertise of Image Shopfitting and Construction. With their unparalleled craftsmanship and knack for turning concepts into reality, Image Shopfitting and Construction has seamlessly integrated the components of the room, enhancing its overall appeal.

Every panel has been expertly crafted with a fusion of traditional interior design and modern production techniques.   The result is a fit-out that pays homage to the heritage of Adelaide Oval while embracing the contemporary.

Ilva’s Interior Satin

The wall paneling of the “Bodyline Room” fit-out, a backdrop to the exquisite furniture pieces, has been coated with Ilva’s interior satin finish. This choice of finish enhances the room’s ambiance, creating an air of sophistication and elegance. Ilva’s clear base satin not only delivers a flawless appearance but also provides protection and longevity to the wall paneling, ensuring that the fit-out remains a visual marvel for years to come.

A Culmination of Excellence

The transformation of Adelaide Oval’s “Bodyline Room” through an exceptional fit-out is a testament to the collaborative efforts of talented artisans. Mick Kilsby’s skill, Superior Timber Coatings’ premium products, Image Shopfitting and Construction’s craftsmanship have converged to create an experience that transcends the ordinary.

As patrons and enthusiasts step into the “Bodyline Room,” they are greeted by a symphony of design, color, and texture that encapsulates the essence of Adelaide Oval’s storied legacy. The fit-out stands as a shining example of how creativity, skill, and innovation can harmoniously come together to redefine spaces and create lasting impressions.

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