Blue stain colour match for ANZ bank

Custom Blue for ANZ ANZ Bank Centers Nationwide Get An Update With Ilva Custom Blue Stain

6 MAY 2024

Custom Blue for ANZ ANZ Bank Centers Nationwide Get An Update With Ilva Custom Blue Stain

In an update to ANZ bank centers nationwide, Superior Timber Coatings played a vital role in providing the perfect blue stain to rejuvenate their interiors. With perseverance, we matched the desired shade, meeting the bank’s exacting standards.

Seemingly Straightforward

The project commenced when Superior Timber Coatings with the supply of a blue swatch, the cornerstone of ANZ’s updated interior design. While seemingly straightforward, achieving the perfect match proved to be a challenge at first.

The initial stages involved repeated modifications to the formula.  Too dark, too light, too blue, not blue enough!  Capturing the essence of the provided swatch was in our hands, perfecting it had several hurdles to overcome however.  The precise combination of pigments finally came about giving relief to our relentless pursuit and the sense of a job well done when the color was approved.


Partnering with Ilva

To achieve the best results, Superior Timber Coatings supplies premium products. In this project, we utilized Ilva’s dye stains, renowned for their exceptional quality and a reliably easy application process. Ilva, an Italian company with a global reputation for excellence in furniture stains and finishes is our choice when our clients want nothing but the best.

Ilva’s dye stains are unparalleled in their ease of application, quick drying time, and durability. Their excellence in producing fade-resistant stains ensures that the vibrant blue hue we provided to ANZ bank centers will maintain its brilliance over time, even in high-traffic environments.

Spray out for ANZ colour match using Ilva dye stains

Get the Job Done

Once the color match was approved by ANZ, Superior Timber Coatings wasted no time in supplying the dye stain to the spray painting workshop. Our efficient logistics ensured that the project timeline remained on track, minimizing delays and ensuring timely completion of the updates across multiple locations.

Superior Timber Coatings takes pride in our ability to deliver customized solutions that exceed expectations. Our partnership with Ilva enables us to offer the highest quality finishes, ensuring that every project we undertake achieves outstanding results. As we continue to push boundaries and elevate standards, we look forward to contributing to future projects that demand excellence in color matching and coatings.

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