Ilva lacquers are manufactured in the most advanced timber coatings facility in the world, using only the highest grade materials.

Ilva (IVM Group) employs over 200 passionate researchers & developers dedicated 100% to developing timber coatings. Ilva re-invests over 8% of revenue towards coatings and nano-materials R&D.

The result is a range of over 10,000 paint formulations of the highest quality and consistency.

Using cutting-edge technology, Ilva has reduced toxic emissions to zero at every stage of the production cycle.

The most recent addition to the Ilva factory has been the world’s first fully automated, zero-emission, bio-paint manufacturing facility.

Ilva has recently launched an entirely new category of coatings called Blockchain Addition (BCA) far surpassing any existing technology for performance. No other timber paint manufacturer has consistently released so many innovations over such a long period of time.

Ilva has a unique capacity to produce its own resins and key patented additives internally to extremely specific standards. Ilva’s ability to synthesize its own chemistries is just one of the many factors which sets Ilva so far ahead of the competition. Yet the most important aspect of the company is by far the passionate people who come together to bring ideas to life. This is an inspiring  culture that can be felt immediately when stepping into the factory.

The Ilva range features products conforming to a wide number of industry certifications to meet the stringent requirements of your project.

The high performance of Ilva coatings provide many productivity savings above the competition, helping you stay on time and on budget.

Ilva and Milesi are part of the IVM Group, headquartered in Italy.