Polywhey is created from whey protein, a byproduct of cheese making, as a transformative ingredient  to be used in wood finishes.

PolyWhey has greater durability, with a cured hardness that is twice that of the average water-based finish. It also has 25% less VOC content than the standard that most water-based finishes try to meet. PolyWhey accomplishes this by using whey, a natural, renewable resource, as its bonding agent.

Polywhey Flooring for Timber

Hemp Oil

Sourced directly from farmers and cold pressed to extract the oil, this product has no chemicals or solvents. Hemp Oil delivers a beautiful, natural oil tone without the harmful ingredients found in most solvent-based and oil-based finishes.

Hemp Oil hardens as it dries, providing a warm, grain-enhancing appearance. Use on new floors or furniture, or older or previously coated indoor wood surfaces that need sprucing up.

Turtle Coatings Hemp Oil for Timber

Juniper Infused

Juniper is nature’s strongest natural wood preservative. We infuse it into our Water Proofer to create a long lasting, zero VOC water proofer that is safe for people, pets and the environment. Water Proofer infused with juniper stabilizes and seals wood from the inside, extending wood life by controlling moisture flow to reduce mold, mildew and decay. Penetrating Water Proofer is clear and leaves no topcoat, allowing the wood’s color to age naturally.

Juniper infused waterproofer for timber