Aqualis H2Oil Composite Sealer

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Aqualis H2Oil Composite Sealer is a water-based protective treatment for wood/plastic composite surfaces. It safeguards against food, oil stains, and dirt while restoring water repellency.

The sealer gives a natural or wet look to composite substrates. It’s applied evenly over prepared surfaces with a lamb’s wool applicator, squeegee mop, brush, or roller, then left to dry. Easy to use, it enhances the composite’s appearance, preserving its color and slowing down aging caused by water and UV exposure.

For new composite wood, wash with Aqualis Composite Bright conditioner at a 10:1 ratio, then scrub and rinse. Weathered surfaces may require a second treatment. Stubborn stains should be treated promptly with a stronger solution of Composite Bright.

Two protection methods are available for screening, decking, and furniture, depending on the degree of deterioration. Slip-resistant finish can be achieved by adding grit to H2Oil Isolator, applied with a roller. Maintenance includes periodic conditioning with Aqualis Composite Bright every three months to remove dirt, algae, and maintain appearance.

The performance of H2Oil Isolator depends on the condition of the composite substrate. Regular cleaning and recoating every 12-24 months, especially in high-traffic and sun-exposed areas, will prolong its life. When the surface looks weathered or faded, treat with Composite Bright and reapply H2Oil Isolator.

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