Aqualis H2Oil Natural Matt

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Aqualis H2Oil Timber is a special finish for wood. It’s made to protect all types of wood, inside and outside your home. This finish is strong and goes deep into the wood to keep it safe from weather and sun.

Before using H2Oil Timber, prepare your wood surface properly. For hardwoods like merbau, remove any oils or tannins using Aqualis Timber Clean or Timber Prep. This helps prevent stains, discoloration, or coating problems.

Make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying H2Oil Timber. If there’s mildew, treat it with H2Timber Clean. Then, wash the surface with H2 Timber Prep to neutralize it. Let it dry, then lightly sand if needed.

Wait 24 hours before applying H2Oil. Use a lamb’s wool applicator, brush, roller, or rag to apply it evenly. Don’t apply too much or it might dry unevenly. Avoid direct sunlight or windy conditions.

You can recoat after one hour. With light use and protection from sunlight, H2Oil might only need recoating every 2-4 years. Regular cleaning with H2Deck Bright helps maintain the finish.

Remember, direct sunlight can damage wood over time, even with this protective coating. Heavy traffic areas will wear faster. When your wood looks weathered, clean it with H2Deck Bright and apply a maintenance coat of H2Oil.

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