Aqualis Strip Ease

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Aqualis Strip-Ease is a paint remover that’s safe for the environment and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like methylene chloride. It works on all kinds of painted surfaces, whether vertical or horizontal.

This remover sticks to the surface and doesn’t drip, making sure it only affects the paint you want to remove. After using Strip-Ease, your wood will look clean and natural again.

Before applying a new finish or stain, it’s good to use Strip-Ease to make sure the surface is ready. Test a small area first to see how long it takes to remove the paint and check for any changes in color or damage to the surface.

Follow all safety instructions, wearing goggles and gloves.

Once you know the right time, apply Strip-Ease evenly with a brush or roller. Let it sit for the required time to soften the paint. Depending on the paint thickness and surface type, you may need to scrub or use a scraper to remove it.

After removing the paint, wash the surface thoroughly to remove any residue, especially from crevices or wood grain. If necessary, lightly sand the wood to smooth out any rough areas. Wipe the surface clean and let it dry completely before painting.

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