Diamante Polyurethane 2K Clear Topcoats

Ilva Diamante Clear Top Coats provide the ultimate in surface hardness for high traffic interior timber surfaces.

In addition to extreme hardness, the finish has amazing clarity showing off the natural beauty of the wood beneath..

Coating Type
  • 2K PU (Alkyd Urethane) Top Coat Clear
Recommended use for
  • Interior surfaces with hard wearing use.
  • Tables, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry, Furniture, Commercial & Residential, etc.
  • Can be sprayed over colour top coats to provide extra protection
  • Extremely Hard Wearing
  • Genuine Anti-Yellowing Hardener
  • Excellent Heat and Chemical Resistance
  • Excellent Clarity
  • Wide Range of Gloss Levels available
Beneficial Proprieties
  • High Solid Content/High Build
  • Excellent Coverage
  • High Transparency
  • High Hang
  • Fast Drying
  • Medium Sandability
Product Codes & Options:
  • Clear Sealer: TA48
  • Clear Topcoat: TO9757 Matt (5%) TO9756  Semi Matt (10%), TO9754  Satin (25%), TO9751  Semi Gloss (65%), TP60 Full Gloss
  • Anti-yellowing Hardener: TX70

Accompanying Thinners and Additives shown in the TDS can be found on our PRODUCTS page

MSDS Diamante Topcoat Full Gloss Series TP60 MSDS TDS
MSDS Diamante Topcoat Gloss Series TO97 MSDS
MSDS Polyurethane Clear Sealer TA48 MSDS TDS
MSDS Non-Yellowing Hardener for Diamante Topcoat TX70
TDS Diamante Topcoat Gloss Series TO9750 to TO9757 TDS