High Solid Professional Oil

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OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil is a solvent-free, high-solid oil ideal for treating heavily used indoor surfaces like floorboards, parquet, wood, cork floors, stairs, and furniture. With just one application, it enhances natural wood color shades using refined vegetable oils. Surfaces treated with OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil become anti-static, easy to clean, skid-resistant, and highly durable against water and household chemicals.

Choose from a range of transparent inter-mixable colors to achieve either a rustic or exotic look, depending on your preference.

The oil is an oxidatively drying impregnation oil of professional quality. With 100% natural oil content, it saturates wood pores heavily, protecting the wood from within. It contains no wax, allowing direct contact with the wood for a natural surface feel.

This oil enhances the wood’s natural beauty in an authentic and expressive way, giving it a robust, matte appearance. The wood can breathe, promoting a healthy indoor climate. The surface is antistatic, easy to clean, and can be refreshed with re-oiling, making it a sustainable choice for a lifetime.

Thanks to its 100% solids, the “HS professional oil” is highly economical. It typically fully impregnates the wooden surface with the first application. Applied with a roller or spatula and then polished with a single-disc machine, the oil remains open for a long time, providing ample time for polishing.

The “HS professional oil” is DIBt emissions tested, meeting all criteria for commercial processing in wooden floor surface treatment. It has the highest Giscode rating Ö10+ and LFGB certified, making it ideal for kitchen and commercial food areas.

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1 Litre, 2.5 Litre


Basalt, Alaska Grey, Glacier Grey, Lime White, Polar White, Walnut, Wenge