Technofinish Acrylic Urethane 2K Clear Sealer TA15

Technofinish Acrylic Clear 2K Sealer TA15 represents the pinnacle of Clarity and UV Protection in the wood coatings market.

An easy sanding sealer for use with Technofinish Acrylic 2K Topcoats to provide an extremely durable finish which stays clear year after year, showcasing the true beauty of the timber.

UV blocking properties protect indoor timber surfaces from the harmful effects of UV sunlight. Ilva’s proprietary resin technology goes beyond the standard “UV Additives” commonly found in the paint industry.

Essential for protection of reconstituted veneers which contain synthetic dyes that can rapidly change colour due to UV sunlight (eg. near a window) recommended by Timber Veneer Association of Australia.

Also perfect for a premium finish for natural or artificial timbers not exposed to UV light when only the best paint will do.

Brand: Ilva Polimeri (IVM Chemicals)

Coating Type

  • 2K Acrylic Urethane Clear

Recommended use for

  • Tables, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry, Doors, Chairs, Shelving, Furniture, Commercial & Residential Fit-outs, etc.


  • Highest standard for UV colour stability
  • Highest standard for clarity
  • Excellent foundation for long living top coats
  • Excellent productivity savings
  • Large area coated per Kg of paint

Beneficial Proprieties

  • Excellent Coverage
  • Genuine Anti-Yellowing Harder
  • Hangs Very Well to Edges
  • Fast Drying
  • Excellent Productivity
  • Good Sandability

Product Codes & Options:

  • Clear Sealer: TA15
  • Clear Topcoats: TS18 (Zero Gloss), TS537 (5% Matt), TS534 (25% Satin), TS531 (50% Semi-Gloss), TS532 (60% Semi-Gloss)
  • Anti-Yellowing Hardener: TX90
  • Slow Thinner: TZ13
  • Medium Thinner TZ35
  • Extra UV Inhibitor: PX1705

Acrylic Clear Sealer TA15 MSDS TDS