TN340 Klima WB Clear Exterior/Interior Impregnator For Hardwoods

Ilva Klima Exterior Clear water-based Impregnator TN340, is developed based on acrylic resins in water dispersion. 

Designed especially for hardwoods, it requires to be overcoated with a sealer/topcoat to improve longevity

TN340 deeply penetrates into Woodfibre’s, protecting it from well-known bacterial enemies of wood: fungi, moulds, and parasites. 

To be used on both soft and hardwoods Windows, doors, garden furniture, timber slatting, decking and exterior timber articles. 

Popular 5% matt finish.

Life of coating is extended by adding pigments to the topcoat, and or the use of coloured impregnators. 

Brand: Ilva Polimeri (IVM Chemicals) 

Coating Type 

  • WB exterior Impregnator 

Recommended use for 

  • Exterior Joinery
  • Exterior Furniture 


  • Resistant to weathering 
  • Good UV resistance 
  • Good for hardwoods
  • Penetrating properties 

Beneficial Proprieties 

  • Excellent Durability 
  • Natural Appearance 
  • Clear or pigmented
  • Colour fast and uniformity
  • Fast Drying  

Product Codes & Options: 

  • Klima Unico: TN340 
  • Thinner: De-ironized Water
  • Tinter system: PZ4 

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