TO800 & TP800 Series PU Clear Converters

Ilva 2K PU clear Converter converters TO800 / TP800 for medium, dark pigmented colours  provides superior surface hardness and long-lasting aesthetic appeal.  

The finish has unsurpassed uniformity. Utilising the colour fast PZ5 pasta pastes that make up Tintometric system, accurate colours can be reproduced every time with colour consistency through the coating. 

Deep hued colouration can be achieved using the Converter Base. 

Available in Matt, Satin and Full gloss. 

Brand: Ilva Polimeri (IVM Chemicals) 

Coating Type 

  • PU clear binder converter 

Recommended use for 

  • Interior use for Mdf, paint board or timber that requires a hard-wearing coating 
  • Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, wardrobe doors and panels, furniture commercial and residential joinery. 


  • Extremely Hard Wearing 
  • Can use up to 30% tinters 
  • Minimum Sink-Back  
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance 

Beneficial Properties

  • Excellent Durability 
  • High Solid Content/High Build 
  • Excellent Coverage 
  • Colour fast and uniformity 
  • Fast Drying for production cycles 

Product Codes & Options: 

  • Satin ConverterTO800 
  • Gloss Converter: TP800 
  • Universal Hardener satin: TX50 
  • Non yellowing hardener Satin: TX72 
  • Non yellowing hardener Gloss: TX76 
  • Slow Thinner: TZ13 
  • Fast Thinner: TZ35 
  • Medium Thinner: TZ33 

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