TW34 Series Aquatech WB Interior 2K Clear Topcoat

Ilva TW34series is a 2K water-based poly Clear topcoat.

Excellent transparency and aesthetic feel. 

Excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical resistance when hardener added. 

Brand: Ilva Polimeri (IVM Chemicals) 

Coating Type 

  • WB Clear Sealer and Topcoat. 

Recommended use for 

  • Interior Joinery furniture and Panels. 


  • Good UV resistance 
  • Minimum Sink-Back  
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance 

Beneficial Properties

  • Excellent Durability 
  • Excellent clarity 
  • Water clean-up. 
  • Fast Drying for production cycles 

Product Codes & Options: 

  • TopcoatTW347 5% TW346 10%, TW343 30%, TW340 80% 
  • Hardener: TXW114 
  • Thinner: De-ironized Water 

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