TW64 Series WB Flooring 2K Clear Self-Sealing Topcoat + TXW13 Hardener

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Ilva Clear TW64series, is a water based 2 pack Self sealer topcoat.

This WB urethane has soft aesthetic feel and exceptional wear and chemical resistance.  

To be used on Timber floors, stairs and parquetry light and dark timbers. 

Can also be utilized on timber or veneer bench and desktops. 

Brand: Ilva Polimeri (IVM Chemicals) 

Coating Type 

  • WB single component clear finish. 

Recommended use for 

  • Interior timber floors 
  • Interior staircases 
  • Parquetry 
  • Timber tops. 


  • Excellent clarity 
  • Good UV resistance 
  • Excellent wear resistance 
  • Excellent elasticity 

Beneficial Properties 

  • Excellent Durability 
  • Natural Appearance 
  • Fast Drying 
  • Soft touch aesthetic feel.  

Product Codes & Options: 

  • IlvaTW64series  
  • Gloss levels: TW646 10%, TW644 20%, TW641 60% 
  • Hardener TXW13 
  • Thinner: De-ironized Water 

 Accompanying Thinners and Additives shown in the TDS can be found on our PRODUCTS page 

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