Wood Care Set No. 2 (Wax)

$107.88 inc. GST

– 250 ml OLI-NATURA Wooden Soap
– 250 ml OLI-NATURA Wood Care Wax (Liquid)
– 1 Care Flyer with Step-by-Step Instructions and Tips
– 1 Polishing Pad
– 1 Oil Suction Cloth
– 1 Disposable Gloves (PLA – Biodegradable)

Introducing our Wood Care Set No. 2 – a practical and complete solution for the cleaning and maintenance of oiled and waxed wooden furniture. Ensure the longevity of your cherished pieces with this comprehensive kit, designed for simplicity and effectiveness.

**Key Features:**
– **Gentle Cleaning:** OLI-NATURA Wood Soap removes dirt without harming the wood.
– **Deep Care:** OLI-NATURA Wood Care Wax refreshes and deeply nourishes oiled and waxed wood.
– **Application Tools:** Polishing pad for wax massage, oil suction cloth for removal and final polishing.
– **Eco-Friendly:** Disposable gloves made of PLA biodegradable material.
– **Resource Conscious:** Detailed instructions emphasize sparing application, preserving furniture with a 250 ml tin.

– Refresh oiled and hard wax oil-treated wood surfaces.
– Perform a sample test in a concealed area if unsure.

Invest in the longevity of your furniture with Wood Care Set No. 2, where simplicity meets sustainability for the ultimate care and preservation of your hardwax oiled surfaces.