We are agents for Cefla Finishing, Europe’s leading innovator in automated timber coatings, timber preparation and material handling, with many patented solutions to achieve immaculate finishes with the highest efficiency and minimal human input.

Cefla Finishing and its subsidiary Duespöhl both design and produce nearly limitless combinations of paint equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Anthropomorphous Spraying Robot (Robotic Spray Arm)
  • Cartesian Spraying Robot  (Multiple Axis Spray Cabin)
  • Vacuum Coaters
  • Edge Coaters
  • Curtain Coaters
  • Flow Coating
  • Reciprocators
  • Spray Machines
  • Roller Coaters
  • Laminating Machines
  • Profile and Panel Wrapping
  • Oils Application
  • Glue Spraying
  • Linear Moulding Spray Machines
  • Moulding Sanding
  • Flat and Raised Panels Sanding with Brush
  • Cleaning Machines
  • Cooling Ovens
  • UV Drying Lines
  • In-Line Ovens and Vertical Ovens
  • Materials Handling and Conveyors
  • Auto Stackers
  • Continuous Press
  • Digital Printing
  • Excimer Matting Technology
  • Line Supervision

The team of paint experts at Superior Timber Coatings collaborate with Cefla Finishing technicians and our network of local robotics and mechanical engineers to offer a complete end-to-end solution for you. These three teams are masters in their own fields and are equally vital for ensuring that your investment continues to perform in the best possible way.

We have the necessary years of manual and automated coatings experience and “on-the-ground” intuition to advise on optimal factory layout, throughput, foresight of potential limiting factors, and the proven ability to achieve perfect finishes. Our knowledge of both the finishes and the equipment puts us in a unique position to bridge the gap between equipment manufacturers and end-users.

You, the customer, are free to choose which brand of finishes you like for use with your production line. Yet with decades of collaboration between Cefla Finishing and Ilva Polimeri paints, our recommendation is clear: To match the best equipment with the best coatings to achieve the best results.

The Process:

Once you have your business goals in mind, we can offer confidential assistance with initial scoping, taking into account what it is you wish to achieve, your current factory layout, available resources and perceived constraints.

With the above information at hand, we will suggest one or more individual Cefla units or assembly lines to choose from. We will discuss with you how it will affect your current operations and suggest any adjustments which can be made in your existing setup to streamline your production process and achieve optimal workflow to get the best return on your investment. Afterall, there is no point in having a cabin spray robot pumping out coated pieces at lightning speed if there is not enough drying space or sanding capacity to accommodate the throughput.

At the same time decisions should be made on the best paint technologies to use in order to further optimise the performance of the production line and the factory workflow as a whole. There are many considerations to be made here, including but not limited to:

  • Object shape and material characteristics being coated (and the variability thereof)
  • Batch size.
  • Desired output volume.
  • Desired finish quality.
  • Variety of finishes required and frequency of changeover.
  • Climate stability.
  • Throughput and availability of peripheral production units (eg. sanding machines, polishing stations, drying and storage racks, etc.)
  • Required film build and number of coats required.
  • Drying time.
  • Cleaning and maintenance intervals.
  • Number and skill level of operating personnel involved.

From here we can provide formal quotes and discuss the costs and benefits, and contemplate likely returns on investment.
At all points along the way, we will be in constant communication with Cefla technicians in Italy to ensure that the most up-to-date solutions are being applied to each unique challenge. You will have access to speak directly with Cefla if you wish.
Some customers choose to travel to Italy to visit the 3000sqm Cefla Lab in person. We encourage this so that you can have unfettered access to see the machines in use with your own eyes before making any decisions. We can facilitate these visits and can even help arrange accommodation and local transport to the Cefla Lab.
Once you have made your decision, we will set in motion the production of the relevant units and provide an estimate of when you can expect installation of the assembly.
Depending on the complexity of the installation, we will either utilize our network of local robotics professionals to install and test the units or technicians will fly in from Cefla headquarters in Italy if bespoke work is required. Your team will also be trained how to operate the units and you will have access to ongoing support when required.
Once the assembly is installed, our own coatings experts will help you calibrate the unit to ensure that the absolute optimal finishes are being achieved. This can be a timely and delicate process, yet we will stay with you until perfect results are achieved.
We will also be available at short notice to make sure the output remains perfect, year after year.
Cefla machines are extremely robust, yet if any mechanical or software malfunction occurs, we will be onsite to take swift action to ensure that any down time is minimised. The vast majority of issues can be fixed promptly by either ourselves or our local engineers. Cefla technicians are always on call to assist virtually if required, and are also available to fly out immediately in rare cases.
With our team you can be sure that you have the best equipment performing at its best, with minimal downtime.