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This website is owned and operated by Ram Unit Trust, also trading as Superior Timber Coatings (ABN: 83 578 127 157) also referred to here as “STC”. Prior to engaging with this website, all users should read these Terms of Use in full and ensure that they are fully understood.


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For any claims, disputes or appeals thereof, the laws of South Australia will apply and by using this website you agree to submit to this jurisdiction and waive any rights you may have to challenge the appropriateness of this jurisdiction.

Alterations to the Terms of Use

STC reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

General Disclaimer

The information contained within this website and accessible via its links is current at the time of publishing. STC makes no warranties or representations in regard to the information contained in this website or what is accessible via its links. STC disclaims all liability for any omissions or errors contained herein, or for any failure to update or correct any information which may be inaccurate, incomplete or become obsolete. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information on this website is accurate, up to date and complete. You should seek professional advice before applying the information, products and services featured in this website or its links. STC makes no representation that any products or services in this website are available at any time. Any product or service being displayed on this website should not be interpreted as being offered by us.

Display of Website Content

The content displayed on this website is for illustrative purposes only. This content includes but is not limited to the display of products, services, images, text and videos. The content displayed may adapted to fit into this website’s structure and may not reflect real world outcomes. Different devices may display colours and dimensions differently and STC cannot guarantee accuracy of how it is displayed

Products and Services Offered

Any products or services offered in this website may be limited in availability and are subject to return or exchange only in accordance with our Returns Policy. STC reserves the right to limit the sale of products or services to any party or region at our own discretion, and to remove for sale any product at any time.

STC does not guarantee that any product, service or information on this will be suitable for your requirements or be to your satisfaction.

Product Guides

The successful application of coatings products and techniques requires a great deal of skill, learning and practice over time. Many factors can influence the coating process (e.g. mixing ratios of products, allowable film thickness per coat and drying times, etc.) Other factors include but are not limited to environmental variables, timber species, substrate quality, and quality of surface preparation and product application. If you are in doubt regarding how to apply a product or how variables can affect the application process, then please contact us prior to commencing product application.

The product guides and information in this website are not intended to be the sole source of learning or information for coatings users. The information in this website and its links are intended as a general guide only and are given without prejudice. Any product information supplied by STC does not replace the information outlined in the Data Sheets supplied by the product manufacturers.

Users should consider their skills, knowledge and physical abilities prior to using STC products and services. STC will not accept any liability for incorrect use of its products or services, nor any liability for costs or damages resulting from users following any product usage guides on this website or its links, data sheets or product labels which may be deemed to be inadequate or incomplete.

Intellectual Property

The property rights and copyright contained in this website and its links is protected by Australian and international laws. All intellectual property rights for content within this website produced by STC, its staff or its service providers, unless otherwise specified, belong to STC, and no such material may be copied, re-used or distributed by any party without the prior written permission of STC. This intellectual property and content refers to, but is not limited to, any trade names, logos, images, text, sound, videos, mechanisms for displaying or retrieving information and the layout of any content. Any content on this website owned by STC’s suppliers or licensors must not be copied, re-used or distributed without the written permission of STC or the owners of the rights to that property. In the case that permission is granted or not, not sharing or reproduction of the materials on this website or its links may be used in any way that may be detrimental to the reputation of STC or its affiliated brands or its employees, directors or other representatives.

User Generated Content and Concepts

Any content including images, designs, concepts, plans, text, ideas, comments, feedback or recommendations you send to us via this website, its links, by email, post or otherwise (with the exception of your personal contact information) will become the property of STC. STC reserves the right to use this content for its own purposes without compensation, confidentiality or reference to you, regardless of any claim or conditions which you attach to that content. This use may include but not be limited to the storage, editing, publishing and broadcasting of content. If you do not wish for STC to use any of your content, then do not provide it to us.

Limitation of Liability

These terms and conditions do not seek to limit any liability in any case where doing so would be in contrivance to applicable Australian Law. Any liability to STC that is established by Australian Law is limited to the value of the goods and services provided or the replacement costs or repair costs of the goods and services provided.

Visitors to this website or its links who rely on the information contained in this website do so at their own risk and they acknowledge that information on this website and its links may change without notice. Where permissible by Australian Law, STC accepts no responsibility for the maintenance, correction or updating of the content on this website or its links. STC, along with its directors, employees, shareholders and representatives, shall not be held liable, under any circumstances, for any harm, loss, damage, claims, expenses, or liabilities arising from or connected to the use or inability to use the information on this website or its links. This

limitation of liability encompasses direct or indirect compensatory, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, as well as loss of income, profit, loss of or damage to property, reputation or data, and third-party claims.


STC recognises that your privacy is important to you, and acknowledges its obligations in relation to the recording, handling, use, disclosure and processing of personal information pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988.

Through this website, social media, third party platforms, our Internet Service Provider, email and other engagement with you, we may collect relevant information about you. This information may include the time and day you visit our website and the duration, your domain name, web browser and IP address to assist in the management of our digital systems.

STC may also collect the contact and delivery information you provide to us to enable us to answer communications we receive from you, deliver the products you order, or to get in touch with you.

Transmitting any kind of information either directly or indirectly online or otherwise brings with it the risk that your data may be susceptible to breach or misuse, and you should exercise caution.

STC’s Privacy Policy can be found on our website

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STC and its analytics service providers may use cookies and other tools to gather data to provide you with a better and more personalised web experience and to learn more about the way people interact with our website. This information may include data that is personal in nature, and we may share data with our marketing and IT service providers in order to offer more engaging and personalised content on our website, social media and third party sites.

You can disable cookies and other methods of data collection via the settings in your device or web browser or using an ad-blocker. The use of a VPN may also assist in keeping your information secure. There are various online resources that can provide useful information such as www.thenai.org

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Should any provision within these terms be deemed void, unenforceable, or not legal, said provision shall be severed, and the remaining provisions shall remain fully enforceable and effective.


By using this website and its links, you agree to indemnify STC, its employees, directors, shareholders and service providers against any costs or damages (including but not limited to legal fees) which may result from your use of this website or its links or by submitting content or information to it. This indemnity includes but is not limited to the areas of consumer law, trademark and copyright infringement, privacy, and defamation.