What is Hard Wax Oil? The Versatile Wood Finish Explained

20 OCT 2023

What is Hard Wax Oil? The Versatile Wood Finish Explained

Hard wax oil, as the name suggests, is a specialized wood finish created by blending natural oils and waxes. Oils like linseed oil, tung oil, or a blend of both, along with waxes such as beeswax and carnauba wax, come together to create a unique formula that is typically a low-odor, low volatile organic compound (VOC) and safer product than traditional solvent based timber coatings.

The magic of hard wax oil lies in its ability to deeply penetrate wood while simultaneously forming a protective layer on the surface. This not only safeguards the wood but also builds on its natural beauty by accentuating the grain. The result is a natural wood preserver that combines the best of both worlds.

Hard Wax Oil: The Ultimate Wood Finish Explained

How Does Hard Wax Oil Work?

Hard wax oil works by penetrating deep into the wood fibres. The oil component nourishes the wood, infusing it with moisture, while the wax component forms a resilient protective layer on the surface. This shield is highly resistant to scratches, stains, and wear, ensuring the longevity and durability of your timber surfaces.

What sets hard wax oil apart is its ability to let the wood breathe. Other finishes, such as polyurethane or lacquer, hard wax oil doesn’t create a plastic-like layer on the surface. This allows the wood to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity without the risk of cracking or peeling. It’s a blend of protection and preservation.

Where Can Hard Wax Oil Be Used?

Hardwax oil finds its niche in interior wood surfaces. It’s versatile and easy to apply formulation make it suitable for various applications, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the beauty of real wood but may not have access to professional timber coating equipment. Some of the key areas where hard wax oil excels include:


Hardwax oil can breathe new life into wooden floors, making them just as hard-wearing, safe, and easy to clean as other alternatives.  Recoating at a later date and ongoing maintenance can be performed at home without the help of an expert.


Whether it’s tables, chairs, or cabinets, hard wax oil preserves the natural beauty of wood while providing protection and it is easy to apply in hard to get to places.


Enjoy the beauty of wood in your kitchen with the assurance of a food safe coating.


Hard wax oil accentuates the timber’s natural grain and will elegance of your interior spaces with well-preserved wooden cabinets.

Skirting and Doors:

Hardwax oil ensures your wooden fixtures maintain their charm for years and any damage that occurs along the way is easy to fix and maintain.

Wooden Toys, Instruments and Chopping Boards:

When certified as food-safe, hard wax oil perfect for surfaces that require cleanliness and safety without the risk of toxicity.

Other Substrates : 

In some cases, hardwax oil can be used on materials like bamboo, cork, wood fibre panels and has even been used as a coating for concrete.


Oli Natura Hard Wax Oil allergy safe food safe

The Oli Natura Advantage

The ECARF Seal

Oli Natura’s Hard Wax Oil takes this already remarkable product to new heights. It has been recognized with the ECARF seal, signifying its allergy-friendly properties. This accolade reflects Oli Natura’s commitment to producing not only top-quality products but also ones that consider the well-being of users. You can learn more about the ECARF seal and its significance here.


Oli Natura’s Hard Wax Oil boasts a low VOC content. This means it contains low volatile organic compounds, contributing to a safer and more environmentally friendly application. Discover the benefits of low VOC in hard wax oil

Oxime Free

Oli Natura’s Hard Wax Oil sets itself apart by being oxime-free, a distinction that speaks volumes about its commitment to safety and well-being. Unlike some other hard wax oil varieties that rely on oximes to expedite the drying process, Oli Natura takes a different path. It’s true that this choice may lead to a slightly longer drying time, but in exchange, you get a healthier and eco-conscious product. By eliminating oximes, Oli Natura ensures that your interior spaces are not only beautifully preserved but also free from potentially harmful chemicals, aligning perfectly with the demand for safer and more sustainable solutions in timber care.

What is hard wax oil? Hard Wax Oil: The Ultimate Wood Finish Explained

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